The Future of Fertility
Storage is Here
CryoFuture stores embryos, eggs & sperm
securely in a 24-hour monitored facility with
RFID tagging & quick pick-up & deliveries.
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Other Facilities Just
Don’t Stack Up
As veterans in the fertility industry, we worked hard to provide the best experience possible for both clinics & their patients.
No More Expensive Couriers
CryoFuture offers free pick up by our trained technicians. Say goodbye to
expensive courier costs.
No More 48-Hour Out-of-State Deliveries
Get safe, same-day, fast delivery to a local CryoFuture storage facility within 2 hours. No more 48-72 delivery times to out-of-state storage facilities.
No Unanswered Calls or Emails
CryoFuture prides itself on its responsiveness. We offer offer hassle-free weekly or biweekly routine delivery and pick-up.
Long Term & Short Term Options Available
Unlike most facilities, we offer short term & long term storage options. We'll coordinate the free transfers in and out for FETs 1 to 2 weeks before the thaw date. Discounted rates are available for long term storage specimens.
A Modern Storage
Facility Experience
Despite many advancements in fertility methods & techniques, storage facilities have remained behind the curve. We developed an experience that is modern & flexible for patients & clinics.
Modern Day Access & Technology
Developing RFID tagged to ensure they are easy to find and can be properly identified.
24-Hour Monitoring & Protection
24-hour cameras record within the lab to ensure your specimen is always protected. Patients can even access the camera feeds via the CryoFuture app (launching Q2 2023).
Unprecedented Access & Transparency
While only trained professionals are allowed within our facility, patients can access the camera of our facility and see the temperature of their specimens in real-time. Patients can also see their status when in transport and manage billing from the app (launching Q2 2023).
An Extension of Existing Fertility Clinics
We can act as an extension of existing fertility clinics to offer increased capacity and services. We offer options that enable facility to maintain the billing relationship with the patient. We simply help increase their capacity.
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